Certified Sex Therapist Michelle Fischler explores the brilliant minds of people bringing work, life, and breadth into the field of sex and sexuality from both clinical & everyday perspectives.

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Join Certified Sex Therapist Michelle Fischler in a fearless and insatiable, pioneering podcast that takes an unapologetic look at all things sex, sexual and sexy.

It is time to GETSOME

Delight as she dives into all different corners of the sex and sexuality spectrum.

From online dating to non-monogamy, and beyond, she offers a safe space to get your burning questions answered.

Her curiosity sends her mining for questions and perspectives down unimaginable paths and corners that she wants to share with you. It’s all about sex and it’s not. She cares about humans, culture and lifestyles.

If the idea of unrepentantly loving the pleasures of the flesh don’t pique your interest, keep scrolling.

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